Pe‘a - "Hawaiian Fruit Bat"

PE'A.: a fruit bat or samoan tatoo. DESIGNED AND BUILT...BY PAPU WILLIAMS AND GILBERT FALLAU.                    

Looking for a new OC1, before you buy, check out the PE'A, is a SMALL volume canoe, it can handle weight 95-185lbs, it's being tested and tried out in Hilo water,there's plent of flat water inside the breakwall, and in open water it can get rougher conditions similar to the Molokai Channel. We used that to test it and made changes,to make sure the Pe'a will perform great in all of Hawaii's waters.

Detailed PDF File (view here)

Boat Specs

  • Boat specs: 20ft. long
  • 14 3/4 inches at the seat.
  • 20lbs. for the hull.


  • Dual footwell drains
  • Aluminum pedals and tiller
  • Aluminum i'akos with adjustable settings
  • Adjustable seat
  • Storage area with bungie tie-downs

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